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Orientation - The Office of Orientation and Transition - The University of Utah

New students must present a transcript or report card from the school attended last year. Due to the accelerated and college preparatory nature of HEP, we require that students have a strong academic record to be admitted to our program. Students must have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA from their previous school for admittance to HEP.  Entrance into the Honors Program at HEP requires a higher GPA, which will be determined by Mrs. Juren on an individual student basis.

Students who have been dismissed from another program for disciplinary reasons will not be accepted at HEP. Students who are on probation with the court system will not be accepted at HEP. We reserve the right to refuse service.


Students with special needs may not do well in the accelerated college preparatory program offered by HEP.  Parents must meet with Mrs. Juren to determine eligibility.

We do not have trained special education teachers onsite. Our ability to make modifications is very limited. We do not work with IEPs.

 If you have a special needs homeschool child,  check out SOAR Academy in Pearland. They are a special education program.

Registration Packet


Com plete the following paperwork.  Only one Medical Release and Waiver of Liability must be filed each school year.  

Forms for 2022-23 are below.  Complete the appropriate forms and then bring them with you at the time of enrollment.

HEP TX Medical Release 2022-23

HEP TX – Waiver of Liability 2022-23

HEP Registration 2022-23

HEP TX Credit Card Authorization Form 2022

To request a registration packet, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Home Education Partnership of Texas, Inc.
11665 Fuqua, STE A-100
Houston, Texas 77034

To register by mail, send your completed registration packet and payment to:

Home Education Partnership of Texas, Inc.
11665 Fuqua, STE A-100
Houston, Texas 77034

Registration in person can be made:

  • Currently
  • At the Home Education Partnership Office – Mondays-Thursdays during office hours

Cancellation for Refund:

Deposits are not refundable.  Withdrawals must be made no later than August 14.  A 10% withdrawal fee based on the total amount of any classes being dropped will be charged and all $15 finance fees will be forfeited.   After August 14, there will be NO refunds for any reason, unless the class is canceled by HEP.

If a student drops a class, the parent is still responsible for the full payment of fees. A completed class registration packet signed by the parent is recognized by the court as a legal binding contract for payment of classes.


Make up policy:

Each instructor will establish his/her own make-up policy.  Unexcused absences may not be made up.  Parents are required to notify the teacher when a student is absent.


Grades are available 24/7 through TeacherEase.  New students will receive a private password and information about retrieving your grades.   Parents may print out grade sheets for each class to retain for their permanent records.


All announcements, including emergency information, will be e-mailed through the TeacherEase program and posted in the Announcement section of the TeacherEase program. 

Payment Options:

  • Cash 
  • Check –  we must have driver’s license number; date of birth of check writer
  • Credit Card – Master Card or Visa. The Credit Card Receipt will show HEP of Texas. We must have a signature on file for all credit card purchases. Your signature on the registration form will be your authorization for the credit charge.  A 3% surcharge will be added to all credit charge transactions.
  • Automatic Credit Card Charge – You are welcome to file a credit card authorization so that we may automatically charge your credit card on Oct. 29 and Nov. 30. You will not receive a bill in the mail with this option.
  • HEP payment plan – Pay ½ of the cost of the course down plus a $15.00 finance charge per course. HEP will bill you for the remainder in two equal payments Oct. 29 and Nov. 30.

If you need a payment plan, please visit with Gerda Arnold at

  • Past due accounts will be charged 15% interest per month on the outstanding bill – NO EXCEPTIONS
  • There is a $25 returned check fee for checks returned by our bank for any reason
  • Weekly or Monthly payments are always welcome as long as the tuition is paid in full on time.

Make checks payable to:

Home Education Partnership of Texas or HEP of Texas. Please do not make checks payable to HEP Bookstore.

HEP of Texas, Inc. reserves the right to change dates, times, prices, teachers, or to even cancel classes for reasons beyond our control. 

HEP Policies and Rules


  • Students are to wear or have in their posssession at all times their HEP STUDENT ID
  • Students should dress modestly for classes. No shorts above the knee; no tank tops unless covered by an outer shirt; no clothes with offensive designs or wording; short skits should have shorts to the knee underneath; no revealing clothes are allowed.                                                                          
  • Students should be on time and should be picked up on time. Our teachers and the HEP Bookstore employees are not baby sitters!
  • Students are expected to behave at all times. Those who do not will be dismissed from the program.
  • Students who skip classes will be dismissed from the program.
  •  Students are to respect the property of the school and use it wisely.
  • Students who use the HEP of Texas computers must be aware that we do dismiss students for inappropriate use of the computers.
  •  Students are not to eat or drink in the classrooms. All food must be consumed in the lunch area.
  • Students should not bring Red Bull, Monsters, or similar beverages to HEP.
  •  HEP Employees are not allowed to give out medicines, including Tylenol, etc. without parent permission.
  • Students may bring a lunch if they are staying for multiple classes. Students are NOT to stay for lunch if they do not have all day classes. We do not have enough room.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the campus without parent permission, including crossing the street to the convenience store.
  • No card playing or other types of gambling.
  • Under no circumstances is a student to be on the campus when he/she is not taking classes. Our facility is too small for visitors who come to socialize.
  •  Students are not to loiter in the parking lot or on the sidewalk in front of HEP Bookstore (landlord provision.)
  • Our landlord has asked that students and parents respect the other businesses in the center by not parking in front of the large overhead bay doors. These are used by many of the companies for deliveries.
  • HEP does not provide transcripts of grades. Grades are available from the TeacherEase on-line grading system. 
  • The home schooling parent must take an active role in monitoring his child’s academic achievement and the timely completion of all course work, as it is the parent's responsibility to be in charge of the home school program according to Texas Law.
  • Teachers should be notified when a student is absent.
  • Due to the fast pace and accelerated content of HEP’s classes, our teachers will not be able to work with special needs children who need additional tutoring, modified curriculums, or special concessions.
  • We have a statement of faith and ask that all students, parents, and teachers honor this statement of faith (posted on web page).
  • Any tutoring requested outside of the regular class time will be charged $32 or more an hour by the teacher.
  • We do not give out teacher phone numbers.
  • Teachers may charge $32 per hour  or more for extended parent conferences.
  • Contact teachers via e-mail if possible.

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