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Learn, Grow, Eat & GO! (LGEG) is the new research-based, evidence-based curriculum project of the International Junior Master Gardener® Program. LGEG grows kids through an interdisciplinary program combining academic achievement, gardening, nutrient-dense food experiences, physical activity, and school & family engagement. This 10-week course will be a great introduction to gardening using raised beds and the Tower Garden aeroponic system.

Instructor: Joanne Juren

Ages: 1st-5th grades

Dates: Fridays; March 3 – May 12; 10:45-12:15 pm (no class March 17)

Cost: $175 (includes materials and T-shirt)


Introduction to Junior Master Gardening – This course engages children in novel, “hands-on” group and individual learning experiences that provide a love of gardening, develop an appreciation for the environment, and cultivate the mind. This short 10-week course will be a great introduction to gardening using raised beds and the Tower Garden aeroponic system.           

Instructor: Joanne Juren

Ages: 6-8th grades

Dates: Fridays; March 3 – May 12; 9-10:30 am (no class March 17)

Cost: $175 (includes materials and T-shirt)



Archery – The purpose of the course is to introduce students to the basic techniques of outdoor target archery emphasizing the care and use of equipment, range safety, stance and shooting techniques, scoring and competition. Targets, bow, and arrows will be provided. A list of other supplies will be provided by the instructors.

Instructors: KoKo Ma and Mary Ellen Minyon

Grades: 6-12th

Dates: Fridays; March 3 – May 12; 12:30-1:30 pm (no class March 17)

Cost: $180 (pay KoKo directly; complete Archery Registration form as well as HEP TX form)


Fencing – In the United States, more than 100,000 athletes participate in fencing annually at all levels, from beginners through Olympic Champions. Fencing is a life-long sport. Join HEP’s new fencing class to learn about this sport. Each student must purchase safety equipment and a mask. Order the standard-5 piece set online at: https://www.absolutefencinggear.com/standard-5-piece-practice-foil-set.html. Males should also wear an athletic cup and girls an under-arm protector. Adults may also sign up for the class.

Instructor: John Trojanowski                                                                                                                                                               Grades: 6-12th                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dates: Fridays; March 3 – May 12; 2:00-3:00 pm (no class March 17)                                                                                          Cost: $125



Group Piano – Join us as we nurture a love of music and learn to play piano in an entertaining, fun group format. We will play solos, ensembles, compose, and tell stories through our music. The program is designed to ensure that all learners are supported and challenged as individuals in a group setting. The classes are geared to the age and ability of the students, utilizing games and group play. Any age may sign up. The class will be divided later into groups according to ability. Groups are limited to 6 students. We can add more classes if there is interest.          

Instructor:  Adriana Swann                                                                                                            

Ages: Anyone interested in learning to play.                                                                                         

Dates: Fridays; 9:45-10:45 am; 3/24-5/12                                                                                                   

Cost: $200


Guitar Lessons –  Coming soon; Chris Robbins – Instructor

Executive Functioning/Study Skills



Executive Functioning Skills – Helping students develop Executive Function (EF) strategies – goal setting, cognitive flexibility, organizing and prioritizing, memorizing, self-checking and monitoring – can be the difference between success and failure. Targeting students in grades 6-12th, this 4-week workshop covers motivation, memorization techniques, test-taking strategies, note taking, time management, goal setting, focusing, and controlling stress. Using a variety of interesting lessons, students will better understand how to tackle projects and learn how to learn! This course is highly recommended for students who want to excel academically and be better prepared to solve problems.

Instructor: Joanne Juren                                                                                                                                                                        Ages: 6-12th grades                                                                                                                                                                                      Dates: Fridays, March 31 – April 21; 1-3pm                                                                                                                                          Cost: $175


Culinary Arts

Introduction to Culinary Arts (grades 9-12) – Chef Travis Hamilton – Taught by a professional chef, this course is an introduction to food preparation techniques and culinary theory. Basic concepts of kitchen organization and operation, basic terminology, use of standardized recipes, weights and measures, product evaluation, recipe conversion, food composition and introduction to commercial equipment and work methods will be introduced in this course. Students will work in a professional kitchen located down the street from the school and have the opportunity to learn about a food truck business. Students may continue their culinary studies during camps this summer and a full yearlong course in the Fall 23-24 school year. The chef will provide a list of supplies to purchase and to bring for each class. The food cost is included in the cost of the course.

Time:  Wednesdays; 2-3:30 pm                                                                                                                                                                Dates: March 22 – May 10                                                                                                                                                                        Cost:  $300


 Logic 2:  Advanced Logic* (grades 8-12) – This accelerated 8-week course is geared directly toward students as young as eighth grade, making a subject usually reserved for college both accessible and relevant to middle and high school students. Formal logic is particularly beneficial for students interested in Engineering or other math-based-fields, Law, Scientific Research, Computer Science, or post-graduate degrees in the humanities. This course counts 1/2 credit on the high school transcript. Prerequisite:  Logic 1: The Art of Argument.  NO TEXTBOOK

Instructor: Joanne Juren

Time: Wednesdays; 9-10:30 am

Dates: Spring 3/8/23 to 5/3/23

Cost: $250            




Coming Summer 23-24

Guitar – Chris Robbins, Teacher

Robotics – TBA


Coming Fall 23-24

Sewing (Fall semester)/Quilting (Spring semester) – Adults are welcome too! – Anna Fuqua, Teacher

French – Courtney Jackson, Teacher

Aviation – Sue Rothberg, Teacher








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