Founded in 1997, the Home Education Partnership of Texas, Inc. exists to enhance and strengthen home education opportunities in Texas

Founded in 1997, the Home Education Partnership of Texas, Inc. exists to enhance and strengthen home education opportunities in Texas

  • Providing educational courses and curriculum, and opportunities for recognition, recreation, and achievement to homeschooling students and families
  • Facilitating communication and collaboration among participants and supporters in the home education community
  • Linking homeschooling students and families with appropriate educational resources
  • Advocating on behalf of home education to the general public, media, and educational and governmental agencies

Our History

Watch our early history video. This was played at the 20th year graduation in 2018.

In 1997, Joanne Juren and Holly Wallis approached San Jacinto College South about hosting several home school classes. Working closely with Dr. Shepko, the college decided to offer several classes for the fall of 1997. During that summer, Steve Lestarjette, then Associate Vice-Chancellor of Marketing for the district, instituted a program directed at making the college accessible to the home school community. During the first year, Dr. Cynthia Hoobler, a former home school mom, stepped forward to teach the first class…a biology lab.

Over the years this program developed into the Home Education Partnership of Texas, Inc. Joanne Juren served as the first volunteer Chairman along with Terry Arnold, Barbara Gorman, Jeannie Lehman, Devri Brown, Dennis Cox, and Harry Leonard who all served as the first board members. Under their capable leadership the college developed a wonderful academic program. Many HEP students are taking early admission classes at the college and many are in the honors program.

HEP of Texas has transitioned into a full time business run by Joanne Juren. In 2000, it was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation. Today, Home Education Partnership of Texas, Inc. is a leader in providing academic and elective classes for Houston area home school families. Faculty members are usually home school moms, dads, or grandmothers! Most all have degrees, with several having masters. HEP also offers a variety of fun and exciting educational camps that are open to home school, public, and private school students. The mission of HEP of Texas is to be “a partnership between homeschooling families and educational opportunities.” As such, HEP offers classes for the homeschooled student to take when the parent does not have the experience, expertise, or time to teach that particular subject.

Our Philosophy

University-Style Classes

  • Parents and students choose the classes they need
  • Most classes meet once a week and a few such as foreign language meet twice a week
  • We are a homeschool support program, not a private school. As such, parents are free to use grades earned in HEP TX classes as they choose (contact HSLDA.org, Texas Home Educators.org, or THSC.org for information about homeschooling in Texas)

Classical School

  • Pre-K3, Pre-K4, Kindergarten
  • 1-2 grades
  • 3-5 grade program
  • 6-7 grade program
  • Journey Through Time: Honors English/History for grades 6-12

Statement Of Faith

Founded in 1997, Home Education Partnership of Texas, Inc. ministers to homeschool students and their families through a variety of activities. Home Education Partnership of Texas, Inc. supports a Biblical Christian worldview. All families must recognize that our classes and activities are founded on Christian principles and agree to support this statement of faith. We believe that all children should to be taught to love and honor God and to make a difference in the world with their special, God-given abilities.

We believe it is neither possible nor desirable to separate one’s faith from other areas of life and other subjects of study. We believe a strong foundation in core values will help our children grow to be good citizens and great leaders. The teaching and development of Christian principles, values and character qualities will be integrated into activities and classes throughout the program.

We also believe that faith and its expression is a matter of personal choice. We do not desire to force anyone to express a faith they do not embrace. Students will be exposed to a Christian worldview through their classes.

Although our Statement of Faith is very simple, it is foundational to the values that are interwoven into every aspect of our program, including classes. Instructors, staff, and those in leadership are required to support our Statement of Faith at all times in word and deed while acting as representatives of Home Education Partnership of Texas, Inc. Participating families are expected to support the Statement of Faith, although it is possible that a parent may not be in agreement with or adhere to these beliefs in their personal life. Parents and students are expected to support the Statement of Faith while participating in the program and all activities, including extra-curricular activities, connected with the program.