This page will share some of the letters and e-mails we have received about our program. We have removed student and parent names to protect their privacy, unless they specifically say it is ok to put a name. It is our hope and prayer that sharing student and parent comments, that you can better understand our program and the quality of the classes we offer.

Hi Mrs. Juren,

I wanted to take a minute to thank you and every single member of your staff for an incredible year! You took my family in as if we were family and my kids enjoyed every single day of class!

Your team is incredibly dedicated and I feel that my kids learned more with you and me than they ever did in public school! I am beyond and forever grateful for everything you and your school did for our family. We will keep these memories forever. I don’t think I would have survived 2020 without you guys!!! Thank you again and if there’s anything we could ever do to help our your program, please don’t hesitate to ask!


K. McClellan

May, 2021

My son has had the BEST and MOST INCREDIBLE year with you!!! THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for providing a rich and robust (and fun) senior year!! You’re a treasure and you will forever hold a special place in my heart!!! Huge ginormous bear hugs!!!!

May 3, 2021 – JTT 12 Mom – Amy Jo Oliver

We are BIG fans of yours,

Joanne Gilmore Juren

My daughter has learned so much and has loved learning with you. You are knowledgeable, kind, you make things fun and interesting. We are Blessed to have you in our lives and to call you friend. Many thanks and much appreciation and tons of love from our family to yours

JTT Classes & HEP Rocks

May 3, 2021 – JTT 12; Sydne Gray

As we left HEP yesterday, it was difficult to put into words our mix of feelings. We were sad to say good-bye to our teachers (even though we’ll be back for summer camps!). We were elated to have survived homeschooling in a pandemic. 🙌 Mostly, we were thankful to have had the Classical School teachers on our team this past year. Thank you all!

Sarah Yowell – April 29, 2021

Have watched for over 20 years as Joanne Juren and HEP have encouraged, challenged, educated, provided for, and blessed homeschoolers in a multitude of ways. She has a huge heart for kids and homeschool moms and dads. Let her bless your family! Hank Tate

We owe everything to HEP for being there when we needed options now and they provided our girls every advantage academically, to which they accepted and immersed themselves enjoying every challenging moment! Highly recommended! Jim Burns

I wanted to personally thank you for the AMAZING Senior Surprise Party you all hosted for our seniors. My daughter had a wonderful time, and it was so great for her to be able to finally celebrate with her friends! What a blessing. She came home and shared what a great event it was and how fabulous all the details were that went into it. So, please share a HUGE thank you to all those that invested in our seniors and made them feel so very special and loved. It means so much to us to have the support of HEP. It does not go unnoticed; so, thank you!

Thank you,

Mrs. Y (6/8/2020)

This link allows some of our younger children to share with you their testimonies about our first and second grade teachers. It is really cute! (5/7/20)


Dear Mrs Juren,

I have genuinely enjoyed all three of your classes (Speech, Government, and Economics) and your unique, hands-on approach to learning. Your Speech class was excellent, and I have fond memories of it and the people in it already! You truly listen to your students; you don’t just focus on what you’re going to say, but listen to what they say.

Paul T. (5/7/20)

One of our 2017 graduates and ESA members, Keaton Mayfield, received a scholarship to study in Oxford England this summer. Here is a short testimony about his experience. Thanks for sharing Keaton!

My time studying abroad at The University of Oxford was a very memorable and exceptionally thought-provoking experience. SCIO, Scholarship and Christianity In Oxford, hosted the summer students and welcomed us with open arms. I lived in a residence, named “The Vines,” with my fellow students and the atmosphere was one of encouragement and kindness. After applying to the summer program through SCIO, I submitted an essay and was allowed to choose the two courses that I wanted to take. I decided to enroll in two literature courses which focused on C.S. Lewis and The Classics.

During my time, I had the chance to interact with fellow Oxford students and scholars who were, in many instances, the most prominent in their fields. The courses consisted of daily seminars and four tutorials. In the seminars, my class discussed our current reading assignments, which in turn increased our interest in further research and reading about a certain topic. Towards the end of my time in Oxford I had the privilege of meeting one on one with my University of Oxford dons in a tutorial. This experience was incredibly humbling and increased my appetite for knowledge immensely as I was treated like a scholar and not just a student. I was required to construct an insightful and high-quality essay that I would read for the don during our tutorial; we would then discuss the key points made in the essay.

The cultural experience was incredible as well. I loved “living” in Oxford, even if it was for only a month! Having the ability to walk and ride my bike anywhere in the city within about 20 minutes was refreshing and allowed me the much-needed time to clear my mind. My experience in Oxford was one I will never forget. The people I met, the places I saw, and the things I learned will always hold a spot of importance in my life.


I just wanted to take a second and tell you THANK YOU for making me a better speaker during your speech class in the fall. It’s already proven itself successful in many ways, but today especially. A few days ago I was asked to speak during part of our church’s youth service tonight. A year ago I would’ve wanted to die before even thinking about accepting this offer, but I’ve grown greatly since then. Your class and amazing coaching on this subject has calmed many nerves and allowed me to fully listen to God’s voice and obey exactly what He’s calling me to do.


Taking courses at HEP thoroughly prepared me for my internship experience at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Although I pursued a STEM field, learning how to think critically through extensive writing exercises and projects in JTT granted me with a well-rounded perspective of the world compared to other students in my major. Eliminating “to be” verbs helped me mentally develop a more active voice both on paper and in spoken word. I personally benefited from taking Speech at HEP more than any class I completed throughout middle and high school. As a high school student with extreme social anxiety, it helped me gain the courage to speak to people both one-on-one and in front of large crowds. It planted a seed that lead me to pursue more public speaking opportunities, starting with leadership positions in ESA Honor Society and then NASA. I have introduced astronauts, flight directors, engineers, and executives to auditoriums full of people using public speaking skills that blossomed from Mrs. Juren’s Speech class. I have given multiple technical presentations that received positive feedback from potential employers. In my current training in Flight Operations at NASA, my “soft skills” help me stand out significantly compared to other engineers. Thanks to my love for communications that started in Speech, JTT and ESA Honor Society at HEP, I will be able to communicate with other flight controllers in Mission Control and teach astronauts how to operate space vehicles traveling to Mars in the near future.

Natalie E. Cluck

Texas A&M University Department of Computer Science & Engineering

NASA JSC Pathways Intern


I just wanted to express sincere gratitude for all your teachers and yourself for how you develop and shape our children’s future there at HEP. TX., Inc. The HEP Tx, Inc. program ranks high in my books! Tyler received the award and opportunity to participate in the NASA HAS (High School Aerospace Scholars) Program this summer. There is no doubt Tyler has earned all the recognition for this outstanding achievement but it does not over shadow just how he got there- thru the dedication of all your teachers, curriculum and preparation your team developed. While attending this program Tyler had to prepare and present an impromptu speech on a section of his team’s difficult, tedious, and complicated project. After completion of all the team speeches, his counselor and mentor commended him personally on his preparedness and presentation skills as they deemed his outstanding. The counselor continued and highly recommended Tyler for the NASA intern program as well. All this was based on his skills he learned from you. Both counselor and mentor asked Tyler where he learned his skills for such a speech. Tyler proudly stated my English/Speech teacher Mrs. Juren at HEP. Tyler was also able to utilize his research paper from JTT 11 for this same project, which was also recognized by his peers.

All in all, a warm thank you for all your teachers and your dedication for the success of all the students you teach.

Kind regards,

Diana O’Neal


Mrs. Flores is phenomenal. Our children love her, love her Spanish classes, and have learned an incredible amount while in her care. Mrs. Flores not only teaches her students Spanish, she instills a love of the Lord in them! Our family is thrilled that the Spanish program offers Spanish I – Spanish IV.

B. Mayfield


Speech was the must useful class I’ve ever taken. It really helped with my NASA exit presentation and helped me leave a great impression with my co-workers.



I’m a Journalism major at UT because of Karen Freeman and Joanne Juren.

Megan M.

2/27/14 –

Just wanted to let you know how much my time at HEP prepared me for college and the business I’m currently creating. The challenging yet encouraging environment at HEP, as well as top-notch teachers such as Mrs. Freeman and yourself {Mrs. Juren}, helped me develop a solid work ethic and invaluable writing skills. Even though the college I attend is rather difficult (Baylor University), I’ve never stressed over writing a paper! As far as the business goes, my time in ESA Honor Society gave me the confidence and skill set to properly manage a successful start-up. Thank you so much for all the knowledge and wisdom you gave me over the years! Its made all the difference in college.


Jonathan Permetti

2/27/14 – I just want to do a little shout out to my favorite teacher from highschool, Karen Freeman. My writing grew in ways I never could have imagined before taking classes with her! Now, in college, my professors tell me my writing is at a grad school level, on rough draft days they have me leave early because I “don’t need” the extra help, and my papers have consistently received high marks. I’m not trying to brag on myself, I’m just so thankful for the educational opportunities I have had. I don’t think any of this would have been possible without Mrs. Freeman chopping my writing to pieces in Word in Season (Journey Through Time). I’ll never be able to thank her enough for the preparation!

Megan L.

9/13 – All of my college classes are easier than the ones I took at H.E.P. and most of my public schooled classmates are amazed at how well prepared I am for college and what I have learned BEFORE entering college. Some are even jealous I was home-schooled and wish they could have had a similar experience.

Jenny B.

8/13 – As a former student of HEP, I can honestly say that academic success depends on the attitude, ambition, and perserverance of the student. Fortunately, HEP allows students the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, tools, and abilities neceessary for success and achievement in school, college, and any future career. The learning system implements challenges that may appear easy or incredibly difficult. However, the experience remains indubitably enjoyable and unveils the full potential of an ambitious and inquisitive student. I simply cannot say enough praise for HEP. I could write a book. GOD bless HEP!



Joanne, I want to share with you some thoughts on these (SAT and College Essay) courses. Our daughter really thought she’d get nothing from them. And though she has entered the “I’m not a math person” phase, both the Math and the SAT writing course gave her something to think about. Mrs. Freeman was wonderful in her approach on the writing – finding ways to make it applicable to our daughter’s special interests – piquing her interest in scholarships, college steps, etc. Regardless of her scores, I think the two “camps” were invaluable to our daughters stepping stones. Thanks for including them in the course options!
D.P., HEP mom


We are so happy to see you will offer Spanish 3 next year. Our son has learned a tremendous amount under the care and direction of Mrs. Flores.


You are an amazing woman of God and a great teacher and leader. I am so honored that my kids have had the chance to learn under you and your great line up of staff. I know they are better today because of it. I have, also, enjoyed watching HEP grow over the past eight years. God is blessing you and will continue to do so because of your heart for him and the kids. I can’t wait to see what is next


Today, a young public school teacher came by to say hello. She teaches 1st grade to children who have already failed 1st grade at least once. After visiting with me a few months ago about the Irlen method, she began using the colored overlays and paper with her students. We are happy to report that all have passed 1st grade and will return to their schools….READING!

She is now enrolled in a Masters Degree program because she said that I inspired her! What a blessing to be able to help 20 non-readers become readers and to know that this young woman will continue to learn and be able to help thousands during her career! God is soooooo good to allow me to help others!


Dear Mrs. Juren,

I can’t thank you enough for how you have influenced my son, not only in his ability to write, but also his attitude toward reading and writing! We’ve always struggled with English class and you have managed to turn that around! The education you provide is indescribable – it is second to none! The students are HEP are wonderful role models due to your leadership. Thanks for providing this positive envirnoment along with high quality classes and teachers.



Joanne, your vision and energy hav given us homeschoolers choices and opportunities we couldn’t imagine. Thank you for the store, the classes, debate, Tx Youth & Govt., and now overseas field trips! HEP and its staff are awesome!


2/11/11 – Testimonal about the Irlen Screening


It is never too late! Thank you for encouraging me to be tested by the Irlen Method. I wasn’t expecting any real help. For almost seventy years I developed many techniques to deal with my reading issues and felt pretty good about my adaptation. What I hadn’t realized was how much energy I used just to read; which explains why I feel exhausted and mind-numb when reading. Shortly after my evaluation, I had an occasion to use the Irlen filter. I read a few pages of small text and decided it was too inconvenient to hold the filter so I put it down. When I returned to the text I couldn’t even see it well enough to read it. I put the filter back up and could easily read it. I removed the filter again and the same thing happened. I can whole heartedly testify that the filter makes a tremendous difference for me.

Thank you,

Barbara G.

July 29. 2009 —

I had to let you know because you are a part of this success story. Our son will be graduating from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida on Friday, July 31st. He is graduating with honors and is in the top 3% of his business administration program. Joanne, we thank you for giving us hope and encouragement. Please know you do make a difference in this world. We appreciate all your help and wish God’s blessings.

Summer 2009 –

I recently took the “How to Study Smarter not Harder” seminar and am extremely excited to implement the learning log method in my up-coming sophomore year of high-school. I believe that my scores in subjects I have struggled with in the past, such as algebra, could have greatly improved had I used the learning log throughout my course of study. In the future I plan to use this method in subjects where I both struggle and excel to hopefully raise my overall grades throughout the rest of my high-school and college career. I highly recommend this book to any one who sincerely wishes to excel in school and cares about their grades. – Madi Thorpe

Summer 2009 –

Taking tests were never difficult for me, it was studying before hand that was always my struggling point. Now that I have recently taken the “How to Study Smarter not Harder” seminar I am hoping that my test grades will improve. In the past I usually relied on my memory or a few unorganized notes to study for tests. Now I am hoping to apply the Learning Log to my daily school work and tests. By using the Learning Log I can study for tests and take notes in an organized format without having lots of note cards to flip through. Although I haven’t used the Learning Log in school yet I am anxious to start 7th grade with the peace of mind about studying for tests and exams. I recommend the Learning Log to anyone who wishes to excel in school and who wants an easier and organized way to study for tests and exams. ~ Tori Thorpe

From a UH Honors College/former ESA member and his mom:

My College Chemistry Professor complimented the way I write lab reports! He was impressed. Please let the HEP teachers know that they are great teachers. The books that the HEP Teachers use, How to Write Lab Reports and How to Write More Lab Reports, really helped me learn how to write up a Chemistry Lab Report. Thanks!

From a former student and HEP Debater –

I graduated from Trinity University in 2006, with a BS in accounting. I then went moved up to Boston to attend Northeastern University’s
graduate school of professional accounting. I finished my masters in accounting in December of 2006. A masters in accounting is only 30 classroom hours which gives you the ability to sit for the CPA exam. I sat for the CPA exam and I just received word that I passed the fourth and
final part. So now all I have to do is send in some paper work and I am a real live CPA. Ok now here’s the kicker, I am beginning my second
year of Law School at Boston University School of Law. So in 2010, I will be a JD /CPA. I am sorry if it sounds like I am bragging, but I couldn’t have done it without your teaching and the wonderful teaching of all the instructors
at HEP.

Thanks Mrs. Juren!


Dear Joanne,

It is with pleasure that I can report to you the excellent quality of the students that you send to us at San Jacinto College South. In reviewing the grade point averages and the number of semester credit hours that your current and former students have completed, I am very impressed with the results. Of the 25 students whose records I reviewed, every student had a 3.0 GPA or better. In fact, six of the 25 had a perfect 4.0!

Many of these students have been involved in our Honors Program, as well as participating with Phi Theta Kappa and Phi Beta Lambda, two international honorary organizations with chapters on our campus. They have been active participants in these clubs and in community service projects sponsored by these groups. I am also pleased to note that we are on second and third children in some families!

The implications from this level of performance and involvement in these students is that they are clearly coming to college prepared to handle the workload, be very successful in college classes, and to contribute to the vitality of the college community. The homeschool students who have enrolled at San Jacinto College are among some of the very best students that we have had, as evidenced by the fact that several of them have won awards at the Student Awards Ceremony each spring.

Thank you for the quality of academic preparation that you give these students through the HEP organization, and thanks for sharing them with us!


Pamela S. Campbell

Dual Credit/Early Admissions/Tech Prep Director

Mathematics Professor

San Jacinto College South

Summer 2008 –

My son enjoyed the study skills class today. I can tell he is looking forward to school starting again. We feel that HEP Classical School is a real blessing to us. I appreciate all your insight, knowledge, years of experience and dedication to the students. Also all the ladies who help in the bookstore are wonderful! We are looking forward to another great year.


I’ve ask my daughter to share with You (Mrs. Juren) and Mrs. Freeman about her paper she wrote in Comp. II @ San Jac. The teacher liked the style and asked her permission to use it in the following semesters as an example. She made an excellent grade. Big thanks go to her TEACHERS for their dedication in teaching correct writing styles.


Dear Mrs. Juren – Thank you so much for taking the time to teach me last year. It has helped me to have a lot of courage while speaking in front of people and presenting things to my teachers. I have done really well with all my tests to get into high school. I passed my reading TAKS and was commended. I just took my math TAKS but I won’t know my score for a few more days. I am really grateful for all of the teaching skills that you showed me because it helped me to have more confidence going back to school. I hope that maybe during the summer I could come and do some classes at HEP. Thank you so much for taking the time to work with me and show me new things.

From a parent who has tried several programs:

After taking classes at HEP, we had to change programs due to personal circumstances. We tried a large local co-op, but my son said that after taking Word in Season 2 with HEP, the co-op classes were a big step backwards! Thank you for offering such quality classes. We are returning to HEP English classes and several others this next school year. We have decided that “you get what you pay for” and that a “free” co-op is not always a good choice for college preparatory academics. My son who is doing early admission classes said that the writing skills you taught him in the 5 paragraph essay class and in WS 2 have made him an awesome writer!