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The official HEP of Texas, Inc. registration form must be filled out completely, including the emergency information, health information, and parent release. No registration is considered official until payment for classes has been made. All summer courses must be paid for at the time of registration. New Student Fee: $25 for the summer camps. If a student is already enrolled for the 2024-25 school year and has paid the full $125 registration fee, he does not need to pay for the summer.

Registration is first come, first served. HEP of Texas, Inc. reserves the right to limit enrollment and to change times or dates and teachers if needed, or even cancel camps, classes, and/or workshops due to circumstances not under our control. Camps are open to home school, public school, and private school students.

Camps are grouped by subject. The instructors, dates, times, costs, pre-requisites, supplies, and descriptions are listed for each camp, class, and workshop. All course descriptions listed are the intellectual property of HEP of Texas, Inc. and are protected by copyright law, 1997-2024. These courses are copyrighted, and all intellectual properties related to these courses belong to Home Education Partnership of Texas, Inc. and Joanne E. Juren

HEP Summer Programs:

Adult Homeschool Workshops

Homeschooling 101 Seminar – This free seminar will discuss the legalities of homeschooling, how to choose the right curriculum, and how to get started and organized. There will be a question and answer period.


Cost: FREE

Instructor: Joanne Juren, B.A., M. Ed.

Date: August 2 – 1:00-2:30 pm

Art Workshops

Prerequisite for Summer Art Classes:

Anyone with any skill level and/or experience with art is welcome! The one and only overall requirement is to bring a sense of dedication and passion to learning and enhancing your craft every day. Each course will begin with a quick introduction and refresher on drawing fundamentals and basics. Grades 6-12 may take these courses; we must have 3 in the class to make. Special Deal: Buy 2 for $170 each; buy 3 for $160 each; buy all 4 $150 each

Digital Illustration – Cancelled


Storytelling Through Character Design – What’s a story without characters to tell it? Here, students will learn how to visualize and create a fleshed out character in their head and onto paper, utilizing techniques to enhance silhouette with shape language, how color can affect an audience’s perception of said character, and more. Additionally, the differences between characters designed for animation, 2D, or 3D, comics, and more will be assessed to help decide in what direction students may want to take their ideas.

Instructor: Emily Boone

Time: July 22nd – 25th, 10 am -1 pm

Cost: $175


Introduction to Storyboarding – Almost every piece of visual media, such as movies, tv shows, commercials, and video games, begin the process with storyboards. In this course, students will learn many different tricks to be able to quickly sketch out and board a scene, focusing on composition and readability rather than detail all in order to effectively communicate the idea of a story, possibly to a director or whoever may be requiring a storyboard for their project.

Instructor: Emily Boone

Time: July 29th – Aug 1st, 10 am – 1 pm

Cost: $175


Introduction to the Comic World – This class is designed for anyone interested in delving into the comics industry, whether to make full on graphic novels or serially published comics. Student will learn the differences between working independently or alongside a publisher and with an editor. While going through the process from thumbnails to finish, students will learn the importance composition plays on an overall comic page, both outside and within the panels and properly utilizing word balloon placements all while avoiding tangents to enhance readability.

Instructor: Emily Boone

Time: Aug 5th – 8th, 10am – 1pm

Cost: $175

Culinary Arts

Each of these courses is an introduction to Culinary Arts. Students will learn kitchen safety while learning to use knives and other kitchen equipment. Using delicious recipes that are age appropriate, students will prepare foods and eat the finished dishes. Students will be encouraged to prepare the dishes at home to share with their families. Classes will be held at Mornings Kolaches down the street from the school. A supply list will be provided before the course begins. Special thanks to the Salazar Family for letting us use the Mornings Kolaches kitchen!

High School Culinary Arts Camp

Instructor: Chef Travis Hamilton

Cost: $350 including supplies

Dates: July 15-18   (Corrected Dates)

Time: 1-4 pm

Executive Functioning Skills

Is this your child?— Chronically disorganized? Always Late? Unmotivated? Lacks self-control? Executive Functioning Skills –Helping students develop Executive Function (EF) strategies – goal setting, cognitive flexibility, organizing and prioritizing, memorizing, self-checking and monitoring – can be the difference between success and failure. Targeting students in grades 6-12, this 4-day workshop covers motivation, memorization techniques, test-taking strategies, note taking, time management, goal setting, focusing, and controlling stress. Using a variety of interesting lessons, students will better understand how to tackle projects and learn how to learn! This course is highly recommended for students who want to excel academically and be better prepared to solve problems.

Cost: $190 (includes $35 book and materials)

Dates: July 29-August 1; 1-3 pm (2 hours per day)

Executive Functioning Support for Parents & Family

Executive Functioning Skills Parent Workshop – Do you have a child who struggles with organization? Does he find it hard to get started on tasks? Does she fight you about bedtime? Does your child have “self-control” issues? Join Joanne Juren and other parents as we discuss EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING and how to enable your child to be successful in life!

Instructor: Joanne Juren

Cost: $40

Optional EF notebook: $40 (this is the notebook students receive during the 8-hour student course).

Date: Friday, August 2

Time: 9:30-11:30

Language Arts

Reading Camp: Syllables Solve the Mystery! (Grades 3-5) – Vowels can be so confusing! How can students know what sounds they make in larger, unknown words? Syllables solve the mystery! In this engaging upper elementary camp, students will learn the six major syllable types and how to use them when reading unknown words. Learning the clues to identify syllable patterns and apply them when reading new words empowers students to become confident, life-long readers! Bring a folder with notebook paper and a pencil.

**This camp is for students who are fluent in basic reading skills and are ready to read multisyllable words.

Instructor: Mandy McDonald

Cost: $150

Dates: July 22-25; 9-10:30 am


Writing Camp: WRITE! WRITE! WRITE! (Grades 3-5) – In this exciting elementary camp for grades 3-5, students will write, write, and write! First, they will practice the basics of paragraph organization and will write a descriptive narrative. Then, students will explore their creative side through different types of poetry and write their own poem. On the last day, the group will work cooperatively and write a fun story together! Bring a spiral notebook and a pencil.

Instructor: Mandy McDonald

Cost: $150

Dates: July 22-25; 10:45-12:15 pm

Middle School Prep Camp (Noted)

Middle School Prep Camp: Noted! (Grades 6-8) – Are you ready for it?! Middle school requires a new skillset for studying that does not come naturally for many students. This interactive camp will set them on a path towards academic success! Students will have fun learning how to actively listen, take notes, and create strong study habits and test-taking skills. Bring a folder with notebook paper and a pen/pencil.

Instructor: Mandy McDonald

Cost: $150

Dates: July 22-25; 1-2:30 pm

Middle School Writing Camp

Middle School Writing Workshop for Grades 6-8Popcorn, a movie, and lots of laughs…this is the perfect camp for your middle school student. During middle school, it is important for students to develop strong writing skills. By understanding the writing process, students will better understand how to do writing assignments. During this four-day exciting and fun workshop, students will focus on the paragraph format and write different types of paragraphs including descriptive, narrative, comparison, and literary analysis. Using high interest activities and literature, Mrs. Henry will excite even the most reluctant writer. This course is a must before students attempt the five-paragraph essay and high school. Class is limited to 15 students.

Instructor: Tiffany Henry

Cost: $175

Dates: July 29-August 1; 10-11:30 am

Five-Paragraph Essay Camp

Five-Paragraph Essay Writing Workshop – Don’t let the beast scare you! This four-day workshop for grades 8-12 will teach the basics of five-paragraph essay writing and help you tame the beast! Students will learn the basic structure of the essay through a visual drawing. They will practice each part of the essay and write one essay. Students will learn how to expand this “skeleton” to a longer research paper. This easy and interesting presentation will help even the “grumpiest” writer learn that writing can be easily mastered when given the proper tools! Mastery of the five-paragraph essay will help students earn success in both high school and college. Absolutely no one younger than 8th grade may attend this accelerated presentation. This course is not recommended for students who struggle with English or who do not have mastery of basic paragraph writing. The book Writing Handbook is required for the workshop and may be purchased at the HEP Bookstore. Class is limited to 15 students. New students planning to attend HEP’s high school classes are encouraged to take this course.

Instructor: Tiffany Henry

Cost: $175

Dates: July 29-August 1; 1-2:30 pm


Learning to ResearchOne of the biggest problems students face in the upper grades and college is researching ideas for writing. Often, the student does not know where to look, how to phrase the research inquiries, and how to then place the “research” into the paper. Students will be introduced to AI and learn how to use it without plagiarizing. Students should understand the MLA format and five-paragraph essays. The book The Writing Handbook is required. Recommended for grades 10 and up. Class is limited to 15 students. A laptop (preferable) or smart phone is required to conduct research in class. Note: Students will NOT write a paper in these 4 days.

Instructor: Joanne Juren

Cost: $195

Dates: July 29-August 1; 10:00 – Noon

No be Verbs Workshop

No Be Verbs Workshop – This 2-hour workshop will help both the student and parent better understand the conceptof elevated writing by focusing on removing “to be” verbs, the verb “to have,” and “dead words” on the No-No list. Students and parents will practice elevating sentences during the workshop.

Instructor: Joanne Juren

Cost: $35 student; $15 parent

Date: August 2; 10-noon


High School Speech (Grades 9-12) –This two-week high school course (grades 9-12) is dedicated to teaching public speaking skills. Taught by an experienced speech and debate coach, this class will prepare even the shy student to be able to speak in public situations. Students will present a variety of impromptu as well as prepared speeches. Students will also learn how to constructively critique other students and how to accept constructive critique. Speech counts as ½-credit on the high school transcript. Textbook: BJU’s Sound Speech (newest edition) – available at the HEP Bookstore. Class is limited to 10 students. Instructor: Joanne Juren

Cost: $399

Dates: July 15-25; Monday-Thursday each week; 9:00-noon

Archery – The purpose of the course is to introduce students to the basic techniques of outdoor target archery emphasizing the care and use of equipment, range safety, stance and shooting techniques, scoring and competition. Targets, bow, and arrows will be provided. A list of other supplies will be provided by the instructors.

Instructors: KoKo Ma and Mary Ellen Minyon

Grades: 6-12th


  • Session 2 – August 2, August 9, August 16, and August 23

Cost: $140 per session

To register, complete the Archery at Home registration form and the HEP Registration form and turn in to HEP. Please make your check payable to Archery at Home.

Summer Hours

Monday-Thursday: 10-3 pm.

School Closure: July 1 – July 12 for vacation.

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