2024- 25



New students are required to interview and should provide a transcript or report card from the school attended last year. Due to the accelerated and college preparatory nature of HEP, we require that students have a strong academic record to be admitted to our program. Students must have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA from their previous school for admittance to HEP. Entrance into the Honors Program at HEP requires a higher GPA, which will be determined on an individual student basis.

Students who have been dismissed from another program for disciplinary reasons will not be accepted at HEP. Students who are on probation with the court system will not be accepted at HEP. We reserve the right to refuse service.

Special Education:

We do not have trained special education teachers onsite. Our ability to make modifications is very limited. We do not work with IEPs or hold ARD meetings. We will work with students with Dyslexia, Irlen Syndrom, ADD/ADHD, and Asperger’s Syndrome. Please visit with about your student’s special needs when you interview.

Registration Packet:

Complete the following paperwork. Only one Medical Release and Waiver of Liability must be filed each school year. Forms required for Registration:

Interview Dates:

New students must interview with Joanne Juren, Principal, or Tiffany Henry, Asst. Principal. Please bring previous school records, a sample of writing, and the application form/fee. JTT students may be required to test for the JTT program.

Dates: By appointment – or During the summer we run a limited school schedule. It is best to interview early.

Registration Dates:

  • Current and Legacy Students: Current HEP TX students and legacy students may begin registration on March 4, 2024. A non-refundable deposit of $150 for each course is required.
  • Approved New Students: Registration for approved new students who have interviewed with Mrs. Juren or Mrs. Henry begins on March 25, 2024.
  • New Students: Registration for all other new students begins on April 8, 2024. A non-refundable deposit for each course is required.

Booklist Coming Soon:

You may purchase your books through HEPTX or purchase yourself from other vendors.To register by mail, send your completed registration packet and payment to:

Home Education Partnership of Texas, Inc.
208 E. Edgewood Dr.
Friendswood, TX 77456

To register by email, send your completed registration packet to: Jenny Sanders, Business Manager – She will call you for payment.

Registration in person can be made:

At the Home Education Partnership Office; Mondays -Thursdays during office hours between 9:00-4:00 pm or by appointment.
The business office is closed on Fridays.

Fees due at registration:

  • New Student Application Fee – $35 per year (non-refundable; already enrolled students are exempt)
  • Registration Fee – $125 per year per student
  • Art Class Fee ($70 per class; elementary art fee is #35; non-refundable)

Order books when you sign up for classes. We will have a book pick up date.You may order your own books.
We will supply the information for ordering.


HEP TX accepts cash, check, Master Card, Visa, Discover, or American Express. There will be a 3% credit card fee applied to all credit card transactions. Automatic Credit Card Charge – You are welcome to file a credit card authorization so that we may automatically charge your credit card on Oct. 7 and Nov. 4 . You will not receive a bill in the mail with this option.

Payment Plan:

  • Pay ½ of the cost of the course down plus a $15.00 finance charge per course
  • HEP will bill you for the remainder in two equal payments on Oct. 7 and Nov. 4 – first Monday of the month.
  • If you need to set up a different payment plan, please contact Jenny Sanders, Business Manager at
  • Past due accounts will be charged 15% interest per month on the outstanding bill.
  • Weekly or monthly payments are always welcome as long as the tuition is paid in full on time.
  • Final Drop date is August 8. Partial refund will be given. After this date, you are responsible for the full tuition.

LEGAL NOTICE: If a student drops a class, the parent is still responsible for the full payment of fees. A completed class registration packet signed by the parent is recognized by the court as a legal binding contract for payment of classes. HEP TX reserves the right to make corrections or make changes to all pricing as needed.