Why should we take classes at HEP TX?

  • HEP of Texas has 27 years of experience in providing quality group classes. The classes are professionally managed and will prepare the student for college. 63 former students have earned PhDs.
  • Most teachers have degrees in the field or a related field. Many of the teachers have Masters degrees. The Spanish teacher is trained in the TPRS methodology and is a native Spanish speaker.
  • Mrs. Juren, the owner, holds a Professional Mid-management Certificate from the state of Texas and has many years of experience as a principal/administrator. She also holds a B.A. and a M.Ed. She has also been honored by the Calvart School,  chosen as a “Who’s Who of American High School Teachers in America,” and inducted into the “Texas Home School Hall of Fame.”
  • HEP has a permanent home. We don’t depend on churches or other organizations to provide transitional facilities. HEP has two fully stocked science labs with all of the equipment needed to offer Chemistry 2 and Biology 2. 


How is the HEP Classical program different from some of the other local Houston area classical programs?

  • HEP has a high standard of expertise. ALL OF OUR TEACHERS who teach in the Classical School hold a degree from a College or University. Many hold a Masters in the field. Some of the other programs, if you read their fine print, actually admit that the teachers/administrators do not have degrees, or even any university training.
  • The goal of our classical program is to instill in the student a love of all things classical….history, literature, and languages. We promise to offer a quality program, but not to create “stress” within the family by overloading the student with “projects” and other time consuming activities. Yes, there will be homework, but, it will not consume the family.
  • A one day a week program such as our 1st-5th grade program cannot possibly teach all of the grade level subjects and do an adequate job. Therefore, we ask that the parent teach the phonics (1-2), reading (all), grammar (all), and math (all) at home. See our classical program page for the specifics. We want to be honest with parents and help them identify those subjects that we will not cover. We even offer suggestions as to which curriculum to use to cover these courses.
  • We offer Dr. Jones’ Accelerated Math in our Classical School. We also offer Algebra 1/2, 1, 2, Geometry, Adv. Mathematics, and Calculus, Saxon 6/5, 7/6, 8/7, and Consumer Math. All of our math instructors hold masters degrees. We also offer a variety of science classes, many of which are Honors/AP classes.
  • Our high school program offers a college preparatory program that focuses on literature, history, and writing. HEP also offers the math, science, speech, logic, languages, and even electives that the college bound student needs to be successful in college. Foreign Languages need at least two class periods a week at minimum to be successful.


Why is it important that HEP belongs to the Association of Classical and Christian Schools?

HEP of Texas supports the mission of the association which is:

The primary mission of this association is to promote, establish, and equip schools committed to a classical approach to education in the light of a Christian worldview grounded in the Old and New Testament Scriptures. The mission of the association is both to promote the classical approach, and provide accountability for member schools to ensure that our cultural heritage is not lost again. This mission will be accomplished through the work of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools. Through these various means, ACCS seeks to set an educational standard for a unified and directed approach to classical and Christian learning.

Our mission is also to equip schools in teaching such subjects through the methodology known as the Trivium (grammar, logic, and rhetoric), the educational foundation of our Western culture. We believe that God will bless this approach as He has in the past, as long as it follows the principles set forth in his Word.

We recognize that Christ was born in the reign of Caesar Augustus, and that Christianity took root and grew to maturity in the West. For this reason, we believe that we must teach certain subjects so that they are understood and appreciated. This includes ancient history, languages, and culture, studied in the light of biblical Christianity and its impact on western culture. We recognize our cultural heritage as a gift from God, but in seeking to restore that heritage we by no means are intending to idolize it. Therefore, we ground all that we seek to do upon the revelation of God, both in creation and in Scripture, with the former being interpreted by the latter. The triune God of Scripture has created an ordered universe, which can only be fully known through an orderly submission to His revelation of Himself in Scripture. As Christian schools, we are seeking to equip member schools to integrate all their teaching around the revealed Word of God.

We want our Classical Program parents to know that we fully intend to support this mission and to dedicate our Classical Program to the methodology known as the Trivium. Our mission is to equip our students to be academically successful, but also, and more importantly, to help them develop a strong foundation in the Judeo/Christian Worldview.

How does HEP’s program compare price-wise to other programs?

  • The Classical School pricing is comparable to other programs.
  • The 6-12th grade Classical program has each class priced individually. The family has control over how many courses will be purchased and are not locked into to a pre-set price. HEP offers flexibility! Families can opt to take one course or as many courses as they wish. There are middle school packages available at a discount.
  • A monthly payment plan is available.
  • We pay our teachers a salary; thus HEP TX pays all of the federally mandated taxes associated with an employee.


Does HEP have a dress code?

Our policies and guidelines are available under the Registration Information section. There are guidelines for appropriate dress and expected behaviors.

  • We do NOT require uniforms.
  • We provide a supervised study area and lunchroom.
  • HEP TX offers tutoring at a competitive rate.
  • HEP TX is homeschool friendly and believes that parents should be able to control and choose what their children wear. We do ask that all shorts come down to the knee area. If we feel that a student is dressing inappropriately, we will talk with the student and parent. We also keep the air conditioning turned down low so we suggest the students wear pants and bring a light jacket.
  • We do believe that God expects us to dress in a modest fashion.


Does HEP of Texas require families to complete a statement of faith?

  • No statement is required.
  • All of our teachers hold a Christian world view.
  • Our philosophy is that the homeschooling family should determine its own religious program. We do not teach sex education, evolution, or other sensitive issues. When our textbooks cover these topics, we ask our parents to teach these chapters.
  • HEP stresses ACADEMICS, not religious beliefs.
  • During discussion in classes, students will often discuss their value systems.


What other programs does HEP of Texas offer?

  • Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society’s Alpha Chapter
  • Graduation
  • Yearbook Club
  • Transcript Services
  • Standardized testing
  • HEP Bookstore – curriculum; consulting services; seminars
  • Tutoring


Benefits of HEP of Texas, Inc.

HEP has as 27 year track record in Houston:

  • Encourages direct parental involvement
  • Provides caring, professional instructors
  • Maintains low student/teacher ratios
  • Is run in a professional manner by a Principal
  • Pays all federal taxes as mandated by law. Our teachers are not contract workers.
  • Utilizes effective curriculum materials
  • College Preparatory
  • Time and cost effective
  • Emphasizes a strong work ethic for students
  • Encourages strong family support and character