Homecoming 2023

Homecoming 2023 

on October 13, 2023…

with a Barn Dance 


See School Dress Code…..

Shorts to the knee; no halter tops; sundresses ok.

No nose rings or obvious tatoos….

Western Wear recommended!



King – 12th Grade

Hayden Ball 

Queen – 12th Grade


Sophie Hunt

Annabelle McDonald


Prince – 11th Grade

Niko Hein

Chase Galloway

Logan Hamilton


Princess – 11th Grade

Jordyn Alexander

Mia McWhirter


Duke – 10th Grade

Jonathan Mitchell


Duchess – 10th Grade

Katherine Mitchell

Jenna Hunt


Lord – 9th Grade

Stevie Littlejohn


Lady – 9th Grade

Gabrielle Scharbor

Leila Jackson (on right)





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