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Under the direction of a great teacher using a Montessori-style approach to learning, students will explore new ideas, experience hands-on learning, and learn to work with others. Though some think of kindergarten as a year of play, kindergartners work hard and learn a lot in a very short time. Kindergarten gives children the opportunity to grow and develop through play — the way children learn best. It is a time for children to expand their love of learning, build knowledge, develop their ability to get along with others, and explore ways of reaching out to the world.

The children will play and work with materials such as magnifying glasses, puzzles, magnets, and more. Children will explore centers filled with assorted building blocks and other construction materials; props for pretend play; picture books; paints and other art materials; and table toys such as matching games, pegboards, and puzzles, the children will have loads of fun playing and learning in a set of rooms designed just for them!

Students who are ready will advance in reading, phonics, math, and science. Teachers will provide activities for both non-readers and advancing readers. Many activities will revolve around exploring ideas, concepts, and new materials. Art activities will focus on creativity and exploring new techniques, tools, and colors. Spanish will be introduced at an age-appropriate level.

The students will enjoy exploring and exercising on the Sensory Path. With stimulating activities such as the outside playground, games, and toys, the children will love playing and making friends. After play time, teachers will read books to children in group story time.

Class will be limited to 16 students ages 5-6. Students should bring a sack lunch, but no food to heat up. Students should also bring a change of clothes in case of an accident.

Some parents will use a Kindergarten curriculum at home. Others may use HEP’s Kindergarten program for an enrichment day or a play school experience. It is up to the individual family to make this decision. Texas law does not require a child to attend public school until age 6.


Dates: Tuesdays – 8/27-12/3/24 and 1/7-4/15/25

               Thursdays – 8/29-12/5/24 and 1/9-4/14/25

               Tuesdays & Thursdays – 8/27-12/5/24 and 1/7-4/17/25

Time: 9:15-3:15 pm

Cost: Tuesdays:  $1600; after 7/4 $1700

            Thursdays: $1600; after 7/4 $1700

            Two Days: $3100 (2-day discount included); after 7/4 $3200*

            New Student Application Fee – $35

            Registration Fee – $125

*The tuition fee includes the costs of teacher salaries, teacher aide salaries, building usage, materials, enrichment activities, security, special events, and other associated costs of providing an educational program.


Getting Ready for 1st GRADE

Many schools today require Kindergarten students to begin diligently working on reading. HEP TX highly recommends that students learn the following skills in Kindergarten to be ready for 1st grade:

  1. Letters, both upper and lower case.
  2. Penmanship – be able to write letters, both upper and lower case.
  3. Learn a list of site words. HEP’s first grade teacher will provide these.
  4. Begin putting together simple words and reading K-level books.

Students who can skip, a higher order timing and pacing skill, are usually ready for reading.

Our teacher will work on these skills, but HEP TX recommends that K parents use a Kindergarten curriculum for both math and phonics to prepare the student for grade 1. Mrs. Floyd has suggestions for K curriculum.


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