Grades 1 & 2 for 2024-25

Classical School 2024-25

Grades 1-2

Choose either Monday/Wednesday (HAS ROOM)


Tuesday/Thursday Classes – FULL

HEP TX – Classical School 1-2 Grade Schedule 2024 R4-10

Booklist CS Grades 3-5 24-25 R5-6 (includes Grades 1 & 2)

Book Order 1st 2nd Order Form

HEP TX – Registration Form 24-25

HEP TX Medical Release 2024-25

HEP TX – Waiver of Liability 2024-25




On Monday or Tuesdays, students will explore Spanish, Song School Latin, science, and math. For part of the day students will enjoy other activities with various teachers.

 On Wednesday or Thursdays, students will explore language arts, social studies, music, Spanish, and art.

Under the direction of a great team of teachers using a Montessori-style approach to learning, students will explore new ideas, experience hands on learning, and learn to work with others. Students should bring a sack lunch, along with the necessary utensils, but no food to heat up.

Teachers:  Elaine McWhirter; Debby Jasinski (Create/Art); and Alejandra Guerra-Moxey (Spanish)


Classical School Grades 1 & 2


         Choose either the Monday/Wednesday program

OR the Tuesday/Thursday program.

Students will study the same materials.


Dates: Mondays – 8/26-12/9/24 and 1/6-4/14/25 (Labor Day off)

              Wednesdays – 8/28-12/4/24 and 1/8-4/16/25

              Monday/Wednesdays – 8/26-12/9/24 and 1/6-4/16-25


Dates: Tuesdays – 8/27-12/3/24 and 1/7-4/15/25

               Thursdays – 8/29-12/5/24 and 1/9-4/14/25

               Tuesdays & Thursdays – 8/27-12/5/24 and 1/7-4/17/25

Time: 9:15-3:15 pm

Cost: Monday or Tuesdays:  $1700; after 7/4 $1800

         Wednesday or Thursdays: $1700; after 7/4 $1800

         Two Days: $3100 (2-day discount included); after 7/4 $3200*

         New Student Application Fee – $35

         Registration Fee – $125

*The tuition fee includes the costs of teacher salaries, teacher aide salaries, building usage, materials, enrichment activities, security, special events, and other associated costs of providing an educational program.


          Tips for Success in Grades 1 & 2

  • Parents should set aside at least 1-1½ hours per day for grades 1 and 2 schoolwork. Children in grades 1 and 2 need supervision and teacher direction at home. Math should be done daily since practice is essential for achieving math mastery for high school.
  • Schoolwork entails reading, writing, and completing homework.
  • Special projects and other major activities often require the parent to set aside a couple of extra hours to ensure that these assignments are completed in a timely manner.
  • All HEP TX students must complete a math curriculum and a reading curriculum at home since the limited amount of time we have your children at the Classical School is not enough to prepare your child academically in reading and math. If you need ideas for helping your child, please talk with the staff or make an appointment with Joanne Juren, Principal.

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